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Programm allows the enryption of email in imap mailboxes with GPG.

Its similar to the project but is written in Perl.

The reason for this project is, I like Perl more than Python and the arcane project did not create PGP encrypted emails which are readable by the android email program r2mail2. cryptMailStore creates pgp mime encrypted and signed messages readable by r2mail2.


Please be careful when you encrypt emails with cryptMailStore because the unencrypted emails will be deleted from the imap server. Therefore, if you loose your PGP secret key, or you choose the wrong keyid to encrypt with, you loose all access to your emails.

Best practise is to try this software with a submailbox on your imap server with a copy of some of your emails. If everything works fine, use it on your real mailstore.

Still this Software is provided as is without any warranty. I am not repsonsible if your emails are lost or not accessible anymore !



apt-get install libnet-imap-client-perl
apt-get install libmoosex-app-perl
apt-get install libmail-gnupg-perl
apt-get install libterm-progressbar-perl
apt-get install libdatetime-perl


cpan -i MooseX::App
cpan -i Net::IMAP::Client
cpan -i Mail::GnuPG
cpan -i MIME::Parser
cpan -i Term::ProgressBar
cpan -i DateTime

Example Usage

 git clone
 cd cryptMailStore
 ./cryptMailStore encrypt -server -user username -mailbox INBOX -ssl -sign -unseen --keyid


  • improve documentation
  • create CPAN Module
  • add decryption command
  • add recrypt command
  • add message selection by subject