Integrate Network Devices with FHEM

FHEM SNMP Network Devices Plugin

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FHEM NetworkDevice Module


This Repository holds modules for the integration of network devices like access points and switches into FHEM.

current modules

  • SyslogListener - listen to syslog messages from FHEM and integrate each message as a reading
  • NetworkDevice - integrate snmp enabled network devices


Dominik Meyer

NetworkDevice Module

Current Features

  • Fetch/Set standard SNMP values like sysName, sysContact, sysLocation
  • identify layer2 and/or layer3 network switches
    • Fetch port status (up, down), port names, port admin status
    • Fetch port statistics (nr of packets, errors, bytes)

Planned Features

  • identify routers, dsl-modems, access points
  • fetch information and statistics from these devices
  • set some port status (admin-mode, duplex mode, vlan, etc.)


I only provide a debian example. If someone can provide others for Redhat, Gentoo, etc. please send me a pull request.

Debian requirements example

  • apt-get install libsnmp-info-perl (all other requirements are installed with this)
  • apt-get install snmp
  • you require a decent version of snmp MIBs:
    • sudo mkdir /usr/local/netdisco
    • sudo git clone /usr/local/netdisco/mibs
    • sudo cp /usr/local/netdisco/mibs/EXTRAS/contrib/snmp.conf /etc/snmp/
    • edit /etc/snmp/snmp.conf and deactivate all lines except for the vendor you own snmp enabled devices. ref, net-snmp and cisco should always stay enabled !
    • the last step can be ignored if you already have installed mibs into your system

FHEM Module Installation

via Update

Use the following commands to add this repository to your FHEM installation and install all my modules. * update add * update all

FHEM device definition

define switch NetworkDevice

Module Documentation

not yet available

  • download module to /FHEM/
  • cd
  • perl contrib/
  • review your local commandref (http:///fhem/docs/commandref.html)


If you want to participate in the development of this module feel free to send me an email or pull requests.


All my modules are licensed under GPLv2.